Thursday, November 29, 2012

THAT just happened...

Oh I love these "THAT just happened" posts.
They are super hilarious.
You really need to read Kaitlyn's post.
It's about her dog. Marcy. Oh the irony. 
I share my name with a dog.
A REALLY cute one!
 Last week, I wrote about my lovely adventures of being pregnant and learning how to sneeze.
This week also has something to do with pregnancy but it's more fashion related.
You know how you get bigger and pants no longer fit the same?
You know that denial stage when they don't fit anymore but you squeeze into them anyways?
Well, I'm cheap. Really cheap.
Spending $60 on a pair of maternity pants is ridiculous to me since I'm only going to wear them for a few months so I have been buying leggings instead.
Easier and way more comfortable.
But this one day, I decided to wear my normal dress pants because they still "fit".
The top button did anyways.
The bottom button not so much.
 But it didn't matter since I wear tank tops so you can't see it.
Now.. if you wear dress pants that are too small 2 things happen.
1. You get really uncomfortable.
2. Your zipper tends to fall.
So alas, after working all day, I looked in the mirror.
I was walking around with my zipper down... all day.
Even AFTER bathroom trips.
The worst part?
Apparently the tank top doesn't cover as much as I thought.
Those $60 pants are more appealing now. 
THAT Just Happened Thursdays is back! I know you have some crazy stories from the past week - You know, the stories where you say:

what the hell?



did that really just happen?!

Oh, THAT just happened.

The rules are simple

1// Follow Samantha & Kaitlyn via GFC

2// Write up a post, link it up here, pee yourself laughing at everyone else

Your post can literally be 2 lines if you want...we don't care. As long as it is ridiculous, shocking, unbelievable, or hilarious.

Grab a Button & Link Up!


Cara Box Reveal!!

This blogging world is so fascinating. There are so many people to meet, so many activities to do, and so much to learn! One of the latest things I decided to try was the Cara Box exchange. Luckily there was another Canadian who also wanted in on the fun!

My person was Lindsay from The Darr Diaries.
The theme: Childhood. 
This was a lot harder than I originally thought! I put a lot of effort into her gifts and I know she did the same!
I loved and still love puzzles
I have always loved stuffed animals
I love anything Christmas
Who doesn't like chocolate?!

I hope more Canadians sign up for the next one!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Social

I decided to do the Sunday Social this week since I haven't written much on here lately.
The rules are simple.
1. Grab the button from here
2. Write your post
3. Link up
Sunday Social
1. Name 4 jobs you've had in your life.
Receptionist, Crew Leader, Cashier, Call Center Rep
2. Name 4 movies you would watch over and over.
Bruce Almighty, Sweet Home Alabama, Twilight (any), Harry Potter
3. Name 4 places you have lived.
New Brunwick, Nova Scotia, Alberta, British Columbia (Provinces)
4. Name 4 of your favorite foods.
Spaghetti with pickles, Cereal, Toast, Candy
5. Name 4 things you always carry with you.
Blackberry, Keys, Glasses, Purse
6. Name 4 places you have been on vacation.
Las Vegas, California (Disney/Universal), Orlando (Disney/Univ/Seaworld/Discovery Cove), PEI

Next week's questions
We are starting our holiday questions!!
1. What is your favorite holiday season tradition?
2. Do you have a certain holiday movie you watch more than others? If so what is it?
3. Show us your favorite decoration or pinterest decoration you wish you could have
4. What is your favorite holiday song?
5. What is your favorite holiday dessert?
6. What is on your wish list this year?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Paint and cats don't mix

This is Comet.

Doesn't he just look sneaky and mischievous?? He had a plan.

I have the urge to work on a painting.
But I forgot to paint the base coat.
So off I go; base coat complete.
Color? Black.
It will dry overnight.
Where's my painting area?
In the basement (that has no doors)
It will be fine.

My husband calls me while I'm out.
"You know how you painted the canvas? We have a problem"
Please note he's laughing at this point.
I think about it for about 3 seconds.
I remember seeing a few black specs on Comets foot.
"That little bugger!!"

And this is the lovely art work Comet decided to do while we were upstairs.
I guess he wanted to join in.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Giveaway WINNER!

I want to thank everyone who entered in
Marce Lips' first giveaway!

I think 225 entries is pretty good for the first time!
A huge thank you to Katie from
You peeps really need to check out her blog.
Right now. Ok maybe after. I'm sure you want to know who won!
Congratulations to Kristie D!!!
I will e-mail you soon as well.
I'm constantly thinking of new ways to improve this little blog of mine... which will start with a new blog design, better content, and a few other tweaks.
So stick around and grow with me :)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend = Twilight, Baby Clothes, & Microbes

Ooooh it's that time again..the start of another work week.Yesterday marked 25 weeks which means I'll be starting my mat leave in 58 days. But who's counting...Happy waddle dance.
That means I get 6 whole weeks (if Baby H cooperates) to relax and organize.

On to the weekend recap..

If my husband isn't working, Friday's usually involve relaxing, movies, and an early bedtime.
This time we watched Grey's since we missed it Thursday night. I have slowly brainwashed my husband into watching it with me mouhaha. You know the saying; a happy wife = a happy life.

Sleeping in doesn't exist anymore so I can't say I enjoy the weekends for that purpose. Pregnancy nose stuffiness is a bitch. Her and the constant urge to pee every 2-3 hours.
First suggestion: Don't drink a lot of water before bed.
It's quite annoying when you can't breathe out of your nose and your place is super dry, even with a humidifier. A really loud humidifier at that.
Second suggestion: Do your research and splurge on a quiet one.

My morning started with some majoring cuddling with this cutie pie.
Seriously... how cute is he??

In the afternoon, we  decided to hit the mall for some Christmas shopping. We came across a new store which had the funniest/and slightly creepiest thing we've ever seen.

Welcome to the microbe stuffed animal section.

 Introducing from left to (top) right: Gonorrhea, Herpes, and the lovely Sperm.
They even had an HIV one. I'm a bit speechless. I mean, they are creepy cute but there's nothing like a kid going home to her parents with a stuffed sperm or telling her friends she got herpes on the weekend. What are your thoughts?

That night, after a year of waiting, Meghan and I went to see:

Oh.. I love me some Twilight.
You can read my review here. Don't worry, I don't spoil anything.

I love spending money. Surprised? With a baby on the way, it's easy to splurge and overspend. As much as I love spending money, I love saving it more so buying used can be a wonderful thing, especially for babies. We checked out the local classifieds and visited 3 ladies who were selling baby clothes. Needless to say, we managed to pick up a "few" things.
Good thing we bought a dresser earlier in the day.

By Sunday night, I realized I didn't accomplish anything around the house.
I really need to write a to-do list and stick to it.
I love lists. They make me happy but only when I check things off.

Very long.
Sorry. I tried to shorten it as much as possible.

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Review

**There are NO spoilers here. It's safe to read**

It finally happened.
The conclusion of the Twilight series has arrived.
Enter sad face here.
Goodbye Edward, Bella, and Jacob.

I want to start off by saying I'm a huge fan of the Twilight franchise; both novels and films.
A lot of people have criticized the franchise for the acting, storyline (baby vampire), and of course a teenage Bella's unhealthy obsession for a one hundred year old teenage vampire. I, quite frankly, enjoyed the love aspect of it because Stephenie was able to explore how love knows no age restriction or boundaries. I'm a helpless romantic what can I say. I also like the concept of the whole vampire child which I thought was a refreshing twist.

I had a lot of expectations for this movie since, in my opinion, Breaking Dawn is the best book in the series. It's filled with a lot of information and detail so I was curious how they were going to film it given the time limit. Compared to the previous movies, there were a few things that improved such as acting skills and special effects. Of course, being a Twilight movie, it still had cheesy moments. I guess there's a limited number of ways to make a vampire glitter.

  • The addition to the ending doesn't disappoint and definitely adds a much needed element to the movie that would otherwise have a boring ending for a film. I'm sure Stephenie Meyer is probably kicking herself for not writing it in the book in the first place, but nevertheless, it was a great choice to add it to the film.
  • All of the actors seemed to have improved their acting skills over the years. Kristen Stewart doesn't seem as awkward in this one and is way more believable as Vampire Bella. Despite all of the critism with her acting (and cheating*cough*cough*), I actually really like her. I also think she's quite beautiful and seems more genuine/real than other celebrities.
  • The storyline throughout the films is almost identical to the novels which is the main reason why I wanted to see the movie in the first place. There are too many movies changing the endings/plots from the original storyline. 
  • The movie had a lot of funny parts. The theatre cracked up laughing several times when we went on Saturday. Oh Charlie.. you're so funny.
  • Not a lot of screen time for the secondary actors which was a bit disappointing. At the same time, it's not about them. They all seem to be there more as filler than anything.
  • There is so much information (no wonder why they split it into 2 films) that a lot of details were left out which could make the movie a bit confusing if you haven't read the books. Mostly when it comes to the new characters which leads me to my next point. 
  • You don't really get to see or learn a lot about them. The novel is written with a lot of detail ( it has a full page at the end of the book to explain who they are and what their gift is) but again given the time restriction, it's understandable why they couldn't expand on this more.
  • They still had some good ole cheesy parts.
    Yes, we know vampires glitter.
    No, we don't need a 2 minute cheesy glitter moment. Ok, it might not have been two minute but it was definitely grade A cheese.
All in all, I loved this movie and can't wait to see it again!
Everyone who helped create this movie did a great job at bringing a great series to life.

I rate this 4/5 Fangs... because I'm cool like that.

I am not a professional writer. I make spelling/grammatical errors all the time.
Don't judge.

Thanks classifieds.

That's about 125 pieces including onsies, hats, socks, blankets, pants, sleepers, snow suits, a diaper genie, and more. The sizes ranged from 0-24 months.

We got all of this for $150 thanks to our local classifieds. The diaper genie alone is $40 at Walmart.
The majority of this stuff is brand new or had only been worn a couple of times. All in all, I think we did pretty good. Just over $1 per item.

Some of my favorite pieces!
The Mickey Mouse one I HAD to have since my brother works for Disney.

Little Vans!

And of course the cats had to mark their territory and have fun.
Yes, we washed all of these right after this picture was taken.
It filled two laundry baskets by the way.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Today's post is brought to you by the letter "F"

First "F" word: FRIDAY!!! Happy pregnant woman dance!

Second "F" word: Frog.

You see, the smallest things in life make me happy. Really happy.
So needless to say, when I got to work and saw a tree frog hopping across the showroom floor, I got a bit excited.
Ok.. maybe I screamed a little and ran to examine/rescue the poor thing.
I was armed with a cup in one hand and kleenex in the other.

I have to admit something..
I really wanted to keep it. I know.. I know.. Not a good idea.
Plus.. I don't know anything about frogs.
So I took a few pictures, admired how cute it was, and let it go outside in the trees.

Bye little frog.
Thanks for making my Friday morning a little more exciting.

***Don't forget to enter to win a $10 GC to either Starbucks or Sephora (your choice!) HERE***

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

THAT Just Happened

 Sneezing and Pregnancy

You see.. there's a lot to learn when you're pregnant.
There are some major changes happening. *shocker*
Luckily, the only symptoms I've had so far are bigger boobs (woohoo) and heartburn...
Which to be honest is a hell of a lot better than morning sickness..
Anyways, one thing I've recently discovered is the proper way to sneeze.
And there IS a proper way to sneeze just so you know.
You see, a couple of weeks ago I sneezed out of the blue... and totally peed myself a bit.
How was I supposed to know your bladder does wonky things while pregnant??
So whenever I sneeze and burst out laughing, my husband asks "You just peed yourself, didn't you?"
Which makes me laugh even harder and run faster to the bathroom.
THAT totally happened. Last night.
***Don't forget to enter to win a $10 GC to either Starbucks or Sephora (your choice!) HERE***
This is something I've never done before.
You should try it. 
It can be quite funny.
Here's the info.
We don't know about you, but our favorite bloggers are the ones with the most ridiculous stories.
You know, the ones you stalk daily while you're supposed to be working?
The ones who make you snort your coffee out of your nose or choke on your bagel?

Example: Our dear friends Whitney, Kait, or Taylor for starters...
We thought:
What if there was a weekly link up that brought all of these posts together?
A highlight reel of insanity, per say.
Posts of things that happened to us that week that were totally
The rules are simple
1// Follow Samantha & Kaitlyn via GFC
2// Write up a post, link it up here, pee yourself laughing at everyone else
Your post can literally be 2 lines if you want...we don't care. As long as it is ridiculous, shocking, unbelievable, or hilarious.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

10 random things + a giveaway

Today marks my first guest post and I am so excited!
I'm super happy that it's on Katie's blog because she is pretty amazing.
She's been so nice, patient, and understanding and has given me a lot of great feedback.
Seriously... one nice chick with an amazing blog. Plus it has my guest post on it.
You can read that HERE!
Right now... or take a minute and check out below first.

I thought it would be fun to host a small giveaway as a way to celebrate.
So tell your friends and enter to win!
Contest is open for a week.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, November 9, 2012

Woke up this morning... happy.

It's beginning to look a lot like winter!

For a day anyways.
I woke up this morning, looked outside, and to my surprise... it actually snowed.
Completely. Happy. Here.
I love snow.
Can you tell?

Friday News!!!!!!!!!
There are a couple of things today.

1. It's the LONG WEEKEND!
I love long weekends.
I love long weekends that have snow even more.
The best part of this weekend? I don't have any plans.
Ahhh, relaxation.

2. Comment settings
I've changed the comment settings so it should be easier to leave them now.
So.. leave them.
They make me happy.

3. Exciting news!
Some exciting news on my part.. See this perdy lady?

She's the mama bear.
Can you tell? People say we look alike.
On to the good news! Last night I finally found her a place to live.. so she's MOVING HERE by the end of the month!

Now.. I'll be perfectly honest since I'm an open book.
Last year at this time, we weren't even on speaking terms.
Maybe one day I'll elaborate on that but not right now.
What I do know is this...I'm very proud of her and hope she continues along the same path.
We both have a lot of work to do in order to fix our mother/daughter relationship.

I'm excited to have her around for her birthday, Christmas, and when the baby comes.

4. Tuesday, November 13th!
You HAVE to come back on November 13th.
No ifs, ands, or buts.
There's a treat for you if you do.

5. Advertising
Just wanted to mention this again..
Anyone who joins Marce Lips in November and December will have free advertising!
Just send me an e-mail with a 200x200 button and voila.
Like these two ladies.. who are super amazing by the way. You should check them out :)

That's all peeps.
I feel colorful today.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Design Coming!

I am sooo excited for my blog makeover!
I'm not sure when it will be done but I know when it is.. it will be fabulous :)
In the meantime... bare with me while I continue posting on this template.
The goal is to have 4-5 blog posts a week.
There will be some about pregnancy, fitness, food, life, fashion, etc
One more thing!!
Does anyone want free advertising?
Doesn't matter where you live, what you do, or what you sell.
If you join my blog in November and December, I will post your ad on my side bar.
Why not get more exposure? Free marketing is the best.
Spread the word.
I'll wait.
Ok. I'm done waiting.
Did you join?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Falling behind

I am falling behind when it comes to writing on here. Things have been so busy lately!

Couple of new things...

1. I'm getting a new blog design courtesy of <span> tag designs. It was an offer I couldn't refuse! I have to say... I'm super excited about it! It makes me look forward to blogging even more.

2. I met a new blogger friend Libby. You can find her at In Every Little Moment. She is super sweet and we seem to have a few things in common. You should check her out... I mean, her blog.

3. Today is the first day I will complain about being pregnant. The heartburn is brutal and I didn't sleep at all last night because my belly was way too sore. Hopefully I feel better soon. Other than that, I think our munchkin is having a growth spurt because I've been feeling the stretching...

4. CARA BOX PARTERS. I am SOOO excited to be a part of Cara Box this month! There were 3 Canadian ladies who signed up so I'm happy there's actually an exchange going on. Cara Box is a box of gifts you send to a partner (picked for you). There's a limit of $15 per box, around 5 gifts, and the usually a theme. This month's theme is Childhood. The idea is to send your partner gifts that reminds them of their childhood.. so you have to be super creative! Love it! Excited to see how this goes! The best part.. you don't need a blog to sign up and you get to meet 2 new people!

5. I currently have ads on Girl on a Missin to Lose the Cushion and Tales From A Far so I thought I would give them a shout out!
Alright, relax time.
Night peeps
There may be grammar problems here.. I blame it on the laptop since I need to reformat it.
It keeps skipping letters.
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