Thursday, November 29, 2012

THAT just happened...

Oh I love these "THAT just happened" posts.
They are super hilarious.
You really need to read Kaitlyn's post.
It's about her dog. Marcy. Oh the irony. 
I share my name with a dog.
A REALLY cute one!
 Last week, I wrote about my lovely adventures of being pregnant and learning how to sneeze.
This week also has something to do with pregnancy but it's more fashion related.
You know how you get bigger and pants no longer fit the same?
You know that denial stage when they don't fit anymore but you squeeze into them anyways?
Well, I'm cheap. Really cheap.
Spending $60 on a pair of maternity pants is ridiculous to me since I'm only going to wear them for a few months so I have been buying leggings instead.
Easier and way more comfortable.
But this one day, I decided to wear my normal dress pants because they still "fit".
The top button did anyways.
The bottom button not so much.
 But it didn't matter since I wear tank tops so you can't see it.
Now.. if you wear dress pants that are too small 2 things happen.
1. You get really uncomfortable.
2. Your zipper tends to fall.
So alas, after working all day, I looked in the mirror.
I was walking around with my zipper down... all day.
Even AFTER bathroom trips.
The worst part?
Apparently the tank top doesn't cover as much as I thought.
Those $60 pants are more appealing now. 
THAT Just Happened Thursdays is back! I know you have some crazy stories from the past week - You know, the stories where you say:

what the hell?



did that really just happen?!

Oh, THAT just happened.

The rules are simple

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2// Write up a post, link it up here, pee yourself laughing at everyone else

Your post can literally be 2 lines if you want...we don't care. As long as it is ridiculous, shocking, unbelievable, or hilarious.

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  1. hahahhahah I just spit my coffee out because I have been there too!! thanks for linking up :)


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