Thursday, November 22, 2012

Paint and cats don't mix

This is Comet.

Doesn't he just look sneaky and mischievous?? He had a plan.

I have the urge to work on a painting.
But I forgot to paint the base coat.
So off I go; base coat complete.
Color? Black.
It will dry overnight.
Where's my painting area?
In the basement (that has no doors)
It will be fine.

My husband calls me while I'm out.
"You know how you painted the canvas? We have a problem"
Please note he's laughing at this point.
I think about it for about 3 seconds.
I remember seeing a few black specs on Comets foot.
"That little bugger!!"

And this is the lovely art work Comet decided to do while we were upstairs.
I guess he wanted to join in.

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