Monday, November 19, 2012

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Review

**There are NO spoilers here. It's safe to read**

It finally happened.
The conclusion of the Twilight series has arrived.
Enter sad face here.
Goodbye Edward, Bella, and Jacob.

I want to start off by saying I'm a huge fan of the Twilight franchise; both novels and films.
A lot of people have criticized the franchise for the acting, storyline (baby vampire), and of course a teenage Bella's unhealthy obsession for a one hundred year old teenage vampire. I, quite frankly, enjoyed the love aspect of it because Stephenie was able to explore how love knows no age restriction or boundaries. I'm a helpless romantic what can I say. I also like the concept of the whole vampire child which I thought was a refreshing twist.

I had a lot of expectations for this movie since, in my opinion, Breaking Dawn is the best book in the series. It's filled with a lot of information and detail so I was curious how they were going to film it given the time limit. Compared to the previous movies, there were a few things that improved such as acting skills and special effects. Of course, being a Twilight movie, it still had cheesy moments. I guess there's a limited number of ways to make a vampire glitter.

  • The addition to the ending doesn't disappoint and definitely adds a much needed element to the movie that would otherwise have a boring ending for a film. I'm sure Stephenie Meyer is probably kicking herself for not writing it in the book in the first place, but nevertheless, it was a great choice to add it to the film.
  • All of the actors seemed to have improved their acting skills over the years. Kristen Stewart doesn't seem as awkward in this one and is way more believable as Vampire Bella. Despite all of the critism with her acting (and cheating*cough*cough*), I actually really like her. I also think she's quite beautiful and seems more genuine/real than other celebrities.
  • The storyline throughout the films is almost identical to the novels which is the main reason why I wanted to see the movie in the first place. There are too many movies changing the endings/plots from the original storyline. 
  • The movie had a lot of funny parts. The theatre cracked up laughing several times when we went on Saturday. Oh Charlie.. you're so funny.
  • Not a lot of screen time for the secondary actors which was a bit disappointing. At the same time, it's not about them. They all seem to be there more as filler than anything.
  • There is so much information (no wonder why they split it into 2 films) that a lot of details were left out which could make the movie a bit confusing if you haven't read the books. Mostly when it comes to the new characters which leads me to my next point. 
  • You don't really get to see or learn a lot about them. The novel is written with a lot of detail ( it has a full page at the end of the book to explain who they are and what their gift is) but again given the time restriction, it's understandable why they couldn't expand on this more.
  • They still had some good ole cheesy parts.
    Yes, we know vampires glitter.
    No, we don't need a 2 minute cheesy glitter moment. Ok, it might not have been two minute but it was definitely grade A cheese.
All in all, I loved this movie and can't wait to see it again!
Everyone who helped create this movie did a great job at bringing a great series to life.

I rate this 4/5 Fangs... because I'm cool like that.

I am not a professional writer. I make spelling/grammatical errors all the time.
Don't judge.

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