Hello! I'm Marci.
Wife to Mike.
Mama to Mylo.
Kitty-mama to Cosmo & Comet.
I started blogging towards the end of 2012 as a way to pass time while I was pregnant. When I gave birth to our son in March, I decided to take a short hiatus from blogging. Little did I know, that "short hiatus" would turn into 7 months. Now that things have settled down a bit, I'm starting to find time to write again. 
I grew up on the east coast of Canada and now live clear across the country. I met my husband in 2008 and we got married in 2011. Growing up, I went through some hard times and because of them, I have grown into the person I am today which is strong-willed, caring, and determined. I'm constantly evolving and trying to better myself. My goal in life is to be the best wife, mother, and friend I can possibly be while leaving a positive impact on the community.

 You may not like my blog if:
You don't want to follow a mommy blog.
I am a M to the O - M-M-Y. That means you will read about boobs, poops, and other disturbing yet somehow hilarious baby stuff.

You only like professional pictures.
One word: iPhone. I don't have the money to invest in a high end camera nor do I have the time and energy to figure out how to use one. Sorry.
You are offended by swearing.
Sometimes, the occasional "bitch" may slip into my writing.
You want good recipes.
I think now that I have a son, I should probably learn how to cook so bare with me.
You want fashion advice.
Someone hire me a stylist. Pronto.

That about sums it up. Stick around. It should get interesting!

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  1. Found you on the blog hop. Following via GFC and twitter. Would love for you to stop by and say hi.



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