Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Social

1. Favorite Holiday Movies/TV Specials?
Disney's Christmas Carol and of course the old school Rudolph

2. Do you do any volunteering during the holidays if so what? If not what would you do?
Unfortunately not this year. Last year I did volunteer for the Salvation Army Kettle Drive but this year I opted out since standing on concrete for an hour in the cold is kind of unpleasant while pregnant. I would love to make hampers and distribute them eventually.
3. Favorite toy received as a Child for the Holidays?
Um...I have no idea. I can`t remember that far back haha.
4. What was your must have item in high school for the Holidays?
Clothes because I didn`t have very many. Not a lot of money back in those days.
5. Item you begged for the most and never got?
A duck.. I asked again this year but my hubby said no hehe. I usually got what I wanted (in my adult years anyways)

6. What do you do on Christmas Eve? If you are Jewish what does your family do for Hanukkah?
Now that I have family around, we will probably just spend the day together... or my hubby and I will relax at home with our kitties and have a movie night. I think once the baby is here, more traditions will start forming.. that and my mother lives here now so it will be more fun next year.
I`m pretty lame with holiday stuff!
We did however throw our first annual christmas dinner tonight that will be on another post so make sure you read that.
I haven`t checked spelling or grammar. It`s 11:07pm and this pregnant lady is pooped.
Night everyone!


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