Sunday, October 28, 2012

Paleo again?

I think my goal is going to be following a more Paleo driven lifestyle.
Not sure how that will work.
Do you know why it's so difficult for me to eat healthy?
My tastebugs hate about 95% of healthy food.
It's really not that fair.
Those peppers and that chicken breast look delicious but my tongue says otherwise.
I write about food and the baby goes on a kicking spree. Hmm. Maybe it's a sign.
I'm going to start posting more information and recipes on Paleo so people can understand the difference between that lifestyle and other "diets".

But getting healthy is seriously an easy concept.

- Eat healthy
- Exercise
- Reduce stress

Well I'm off to get ready now.. We're going to my brother's for a turkey dinner. Mmmm.
I don't like chicken but I love turkey!
I will start eating better after Halloween. Too much candy on the table right now...

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