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The girl who did my wedding make-up introduced me to Glymm. It's basically the same as Birchbox but the Canadian version. I get so excited waiting for it to arrive each month. It's the best $10 treat I spend on myself. I think they went up to $12 for new subscribers though.. hmm.. either way. It's fantastic and I'm here to tell you about it.

What is Glymm?

Glymm is a monthly subscription of beauty samples from known brands.
As a member, each month you get:
  • An eco-friendly make up bag (different color usually)
  • 4-5 samples
  • Special offers
  • Loyalty Rewards Program
See Loyalty Rewards Program information here

Most of the time there's at least one full-size product, which in my opinion, is worth the $10. I have a collection of make up bags sitting on my dresser already. They will make great Christmas presents.. That's right. I have no shame.

On with the show...

OCTOBER'S GLYMM BOX - Breast Cancer Month

Products received:

1. Bag. The bag is pink. LOVE.
2. Ribbon. Nice little touch to the bag.
3. Johnson & Johnson's baby oil. BONUS. I was a bit curious why this was in here but then I noticed the sticker. As a mommy-to-be, I'm actually quite excited to see more of this Mama Glymm! I'm also excited because I'm currently running low on baby oil and it's a perfect make up remover.
4. Lash Card. Meh. A card so you don't get make up on your eyelid. I don't need these nor will I ever spend money on them.
5. Baby Buttercreme. Never heard of this before but it says it's good for "softening and growing out natural hair". I have no problem giving this baby a try.
6. Cyberderm H20 Hydration and Every Morning Sun Whip: A moisturizer and SPF that I will probably not use. I'm not into the whole anti-aging creams and all that jazz. I prefer my SPF thanks.
7. Femme Couture Lightening Last Mascara. Saving the best for last. LOVE IT. I absolutely love mascara and am so happy to have gotten a full size one this month!

Overall, I give this box 5/5 simply beause of the mascara but I'm also thrilled about the baby oil, bag, and buttercreme. Great job Glymm!

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