Sunday, October 21, 2012

I'm Batman

First off...

You ever have one of those days where you have a meltdown?
You know, the kind where your sleeve is covered with tears and there's piles of kleenex.
No? Me either. I mean that sooo did not happen today.
Ok... maybe a little.. but I'm going to blame it on pregnancy for 3 reasons.
1. Sore hips.
2. Stretching ligaments. Ouch.
3. And the worst...hormones. I blame it all on the hormones.

Now that I've shared that bit of information... I've had a pretty good weekend.
*Today is Week 21. Starting to feel the baby move more which is pretty neat.
*We bought this amazing onesie today. Isn't it adorable!?
I'm Batman.
*I finally set up Google Friend Connect. It's now easier to join my blog :)
*Finally bought some batteries for my camera. No more Blackberry! See picture above.
*I'm starting a fun new challenge in November!
I will write about this soon but it's called "The New ABC Challenge" 

Well... That's all I got for you today.
Have a great sleep. Goodnight.

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