Monday, October 22, 2012

Walking and talking

So a few things...

1. I'm one of those people who hate exercise. Sorry folks, it's true.
I don't like the pain, the effort, or the time requirement.
Now what I do like is going for walks with my girls. It's a kill two birds with one stone type deal. Nice easy cardio and time with 2 of my favorite ladies.
This is all part of my new "social plan" which I'll explain later. One word. Anxiety.
I'd like to high five it in the face if I could *smack*

Oh.. I forgot my camera so I had to rely on my "trusty" Blackberry. I actually like this picture.
I still want an iPhone though.
As for the weather..It's cold here and supposed to snow tonight. Woohoo!!
I think I'm the only one who's excited about that..
Bundled up and ready to go.
2. I've been asked a few times about my blog.. meaning the theme and audience.
So here are my answers after discussing it with these ladies.
-This blog is for women.
-It's a journal about life.
-There's no niche. It's about everything and anything.
-It's about my past and current struggles with depression and anxiety.
-It's about joyful events with friends, my husband, my pregnancy, and eventually with our baby.
-It's about the things I love yet have no talent for like fashion, make up, art, and crafts.
-It's a way for me to explore more about myself.
-There's no judgement, only acceptance.

So there you have it.

3. The other thing I've been thinking about is my career and where I want to go. It's frustrating at times but I like to think everything happens for a reason and one day, I'll figure it out.

4. I'm seriously falling in love with this iPad (it's my husbands) and really want one of my own.
Like I said before, Christmas is around the corner... That or I may just claim this one. Mouhaha.

5. On a final yet happy note, my new D bra's are getting too small. HA! If you had small tata's your whole life and always wanted bigger ones, you would understand. Yes, I get excited about my boobs. So what?

6. I just had to add one more thing. This baby is moving like CRAZY!! I mean.. wow. Feels like I'm on a rollercoaster.. I don't like rollercoasters.. well.. the ones that go upside down or really fast.. so I guess the majority of them.

That being said.. I'm off to bed. He. That rhymed.

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