Friday, October 19, 2012

Check this out peeps!

I just started blogging and it's all I keep thinking about! Is that normal? I think so.. I hope so. Oh well. It's exciting and fun.

Here are some fun pics for the nights.
Excuse the mess.. It's been one of those days.. well weeks.. either way it's Friday night and I'm not lifting a finger.

Umm. Whatcha doin?
What can I say, he loves to snuggle!
Anyways, I'm trying to spice up my blog. See above. Seriously though. Bare with me peeps... I'm still learning. This would probably be easier if I had a mentor. (Volunteer?) Well I guess I need to figure it out on my own.. I don't mind. It's quite fun stalking other blogs. That's right. I'm stalking you.

This is my list of what I need so far:
1. Content - Good content.. duh.
2. Followers - Mention me! :)
3. Advertising and Sponsors - Free advertising for now. Seriously, can't go wrong with that.
4. Guest bloggers (fashion, make up, nutrition, fitness, etc)
5. Lastly... I reeeeeaaaally need... ok... want a new template! I love Melissa Rose Design's stuff. Hubby, you payin attention? Christmas is around the corner. Love you.

Like I said above, I've been stalking catching up with two of my favorite blogs.. so naturally, that means I'm going to share them with you.

Living in Yellow
Girl is beautiful, super hilarious, and so interesting. If you love Guiliana Rancic, she's your girl. That and wine.
Erin: If you love wine as much as you say you do, you really need to plan a trip to Kelowna, BC next summer. It's worth it and I will personally give you a tour. Lucky you!
- She's giving away a $20 store credit to Shop Genesis. See here and other contests.

Perception is Everything
This is a new blog I've recently started following and I can't get enough of her posts. I absolutely love her dog Weiser. Soooooo cute!
- Enter to win a variety of stuff! See here

You will thank me later.

PS - I really want to add some pictures to promote their blogs but I'm not sure if I'm allowed!? Feedback please!

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  1. You are so stinkin' cute! Thanks for the shoutout and it sounds like you are progressing quite nicely! We all try to answer questions and help, but figuring things out is half the fun ;)You need to add a Google Friend Connect so that we can all follow you easier. That would help and getting a new template (professional really helps) would be awesome. Can't wait to get to know you better!

  2. Aaaaand definitely turn off Word Verification. MUY importante. PS. there are sites "cutest blog on the blog" and "shabby chic" offer cute free templates to get you started!


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