Wednesday, October 17, 2012

bump + stripes

A friend of mine posted a picture of her outfit today and I HAD to write about it.
I mean.. Look at these pants! I LOVE the color...
She's one of the lucky ones who can pull it off.
Not bitter at all here.

So after see this, she inspired me to wear something I normally wouldn't wear.
Hello Christmas present.. welcome to the public.  
Go figure, it's almost too small for my 20 week bump. Pefect Timing Marci.
But look at me.. I'm wearing color! And red at that! Thanks Emma.

So.. should I ditch the shirt? What are your thoughts?
PS - I always welcome comments.
Especially ones about fashion.
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  1. definitey a YES to the sweater.
    and I have a friend that rocks the coloured skinnies too. Such a cute look on the right person.

    PS. get more red stuff!


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