Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My July Challenge

Yesterday was 40 degrees. That's 104 degrees for you Americans. Yes, I live in Canada and yes, it gets that hot! Normally I would be thrilled but with an almost 4 month old who can't regulate his body temperature, we've been stuck indoors. He's lucky he's so cute.

Since we will be indoors a lot, a friend and I decided to create an individual July Challenge which consists of 5 things we want to work on/towards.

My 5 things:
1. Eating habits
Meal planning & healthy eating
2. Organize/De-clutter
Garbage, sell, or donate items
Come up with an organization system
Decorate house
3. Exercise (least favorite)
Tuesday HIIT classes
Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred
4. Blogging
Try to blog 3-4x a week
Write about challenge
5. Mylo
Work on Mylo's baby book & photo album

Yesterday, I started the exercise portion. A friend of mine teaches fitness classes so what better way to show my support, visit, and work on getting my body back than to sign up for her Tuesday classes. It was amazing! I loved being outdoors while having a nice break from the babes who in return got Daddy time. Sure my body doesn't move the same way but it's also a lot stronger in some ways from carrying a now 16lb baby everywhere. With that said, it's time for today's workout!


  1. Woww that's hot! It's been around 23 degrees here today and I've been close to melting.
    I totally need to work on the exercise, eating and de-cluttering thing too. I'll wait until August :)

  2. It's now August...I'd love to read about how your July challenge went! I can personally attest to witnessing an attitude change and seeing some hard work!


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