Thursday, December 20, 2012

What not to say to a pregnant lady

I may not always have the best manners but what ever happened to common sense? It seems like more and more people are forgetting it lately. It's either that or people are just plain rude and dumb.

Baby Update
I'm 29 weeks
This is Baby H as of Tuesday
He's healthy
I've gained 18lbs so far
The scar is from my belly ring that I had to take out. Boo.

Today's example of what NOT to say to a pregnant lady.

Customer: When are you due?
Me: March 4th
Customer: Oh. So you still have a bit to go. Is this your first or second?
Me: First
Customer: Wow. You're really big for the first time.
Me: Uh.. It's probably because I'm all belly.
Customer: Are you sure it's not twins?
Me: 100% We double checked since both our mother's are twins.
Customer: Oh. I guess you're going to have a big baby then.
Me: Big or early. Hopefully early.

Who says that to a complete stranger?? Am I crazy or is that not rude?
At least it was less creepy than the pest control guy hinting for 5 minutes that he wanted to rub my belly. I can only think of so many ways to say NO politely...  Bare in mind, this is also the guy who put a bug trap in my face when I asked him several times not to.

Moving on......... Let's talk about yummy deep fried food!

Again, excuse the HORRIBLE Blackberry pictures.
Phone Gods, please send me an iPhone! Thanks. Hint. Hint.

Monday was my Mama's birthday!
The moving company finally showed up after 3 weeks so she is officially settled in to her new place!
The hubby and I decided to treat her to dinner at Eastside Mario's! Mmmm.
I hadn't been there in a while so when we ordered the appy plate and I saw those deep fried macaroni triangles, I instantly melted. By far the best creation ever! I need to learn how to make these. Or maybe I don't. That could be bad.

I think I just got my first pregnancy craving.
Great. Now I want ice cream too.

Mama's meal. There's pasta somewhere under all that parm cheese.
She said it was the best meal she's had in a long time!

It was a fun night out!

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