Monday, December 31, 2012

Top 12 favorite 2012 moments


This year has been pretty amazing! I love looking back and reminding myself of all the great memories I've made. It's amazing what you can do within a year.

1. The hubs and I started off the year celebrating our 4 year dating anniversary.

2. I got our my first brand new car!

3. We went tubing for the first time at Big White. Then went skiing. First time for me in over 10 years! The mountains are a lot bigger in the West... That's all I'm sayin.

4. I celebrated my birthday in April. I don't exactly fly anywhere during the year so I look forward to events like birthdays. It's a time when friends come together and the drinks start flowing..

5. June was particularly the best month for me... Three things happened.
The first being my amazing camping trip with Bron that looked like this the entire weekend. Only Bron can make camping in the rain super fun and exciting!

6. When I came home from camping, I was unsually hot. Almost a week later I took my first pregnancy test. Want to scare your husband almost to death? Call him while he's away for work crying your eyes out telling him there's a line... he won't have a clue what you're talking about.
I took a few to be sure.

7. A couple of days after the cry fest, we drove 6 hours to Post Falls, Idaho! We brought Bron along for the weekend since it was her birthday. My husband entered a long drive competition which meant water/theme park time for us. She introduced me to Funnel Cake and I got to bring home some Trix. Happy dance. We're hoping to go back in 2013 as long as they host the competition again.

8. In August, my hubby and I celebrated our 1 year marriage anniversary!

9. Marce Lips was born in September. I've been blogging for 3 months, off and on, and I love it. There are some pretty amazing people out there.
10. I volunteered with the Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation for their First Annual Kelowna Red Dress Event in November. We raised $22,000 that night and I met a new friend... a mama-to-be who actually gave birth yesterday! Congrats M!

11. Christmas 2012. What a great Christmas. We have so much to be thankful for.  

12. Getting my iPad. Nuff said.

I'm sure looking forward to tonight! Great friends, food, and games.
2013 is going to bring amazing things!
Happy New Years! Be safe, have fun, and smile lots!


  1. Great list.
    It sure changes the "every day runs into the next" mentality, doesn't it?

    You've inspired me to make a little listy of my own. You know how I feel about gratitude, and this list is just the way to express it for all that 2012 had to offer.

  2. Happy New Year!
    Just found your blog.
    Now following


  3. AHHHHH.... I am jelous of the ipad! I have a kindle fire.... not.the.same.

    fun to get a quick view of your year :) New follower! PS: congrats on the pregnancy!!

    Erin @

  4. Hey! I followed you through the "I Love my Post" blog hop! So glad I found your blog, i'm a new follower :) Come follow back if you'd like!


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