Tuesday, December 18, 2012

No Silence

No silence for me.

The shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary was absolutely devastating.

To think someone can be sick enough to intentionally harm innocent people, especially children, is disgusting. It's a sin we live in a world filled with so much hate, anger, greed, and, power. It's a sin we live in a world where a 6.5 year old girl had the idea to play dead while a shooter shot every person in her classroom. I mean, who thinks of that at that age?

I just don't understand and I don't think anyone ever will.

I've noticed quite a few of my favorite bloggers have gone silent today in respect of those who lost their lives. I'm not one of them. I believe in the power of talking, listening, and comforting.

- Families need to hear encouraging words
- Families need to hear support
- Families need people to listen to them
- The discussion about gun control; whether you agree or not, should be discussed
- Most importantly, in my opinion, mental illness NEEDS to be taken more seriously

All of the information hasn't been released so there's no need to speculate why this guy did what he did. And the media needs to take a step back when dealing with crisis situations. If they would have waited until they gathered FACTS, they wouldn't have plastered the wrong man's name and picture all over TV.

Take the time today to talk to your children or family members. Tell them how much you love them. Give them a hug. Be grateful for everything you have. Remember to smile for those who survived. 


  1. Great post. Those poor babies were all Evan's age. I can't imagine the pain those parents feel.

  2. Excellent post!!! Thank you for speaking about this! It's so incredibly sad, but you are right it needs to be talked about, and not sensationalized like it has been by the media.


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