Saturday, December 29, 2012

Glymm Bag - December

The final Glymm Bag of 2012!

And I loved it!
I mean look at this beautiful gold bag!
Let's see what's inside...
 1. LashEm False Lashes - $5.00 Full Size
Of course I got excited when I saw the lashes!
I have very long lashes that I love but these add that extra bit of volume for special occasions. 
2. Glamorous Cosmetics Lipstick - $9.50 Full Size
I'm not a fan of lipstick. I've said it before, you need lips to wear it. 
It's not too bad though and it smells like baby powder to me. Pregnancy sense of smell I guess.
Kudos for the full size tube. 
3. SunCoat Nail Polish - $9.99 Full Size
Glymm really seems to be pushing the nail polish lately which is something I can't complain about.
I love nail polish. This one is a bit dark for me but I do like it.
I just wish I could take better pictures of it!
4. LashEm Eyelash & Brow Enhancing Serum - Sample size 4.2ml
$70 Full Size
Completely useless to me. I don't like these products; whether they work or not.
I'll never use it and I would never pay $70 for something like this. 
- I love the $10 gift card from Glymm.
- The $20 gift card from Panty by Post seemed like a fun/unique idea at first.
The problem? It's subscription based.
There is the option of buying 1 at $25 which is a rip off to me (the gift card makes it $5)
I can go to La Senza or Victoria Secret and buy beautiful panties for less than $25 and I would have the convinience of picking them out myself and not waiting for them to be mailed. 
The bag, lashes, nail polish, and $10 coupon make this bag a 4.5/5 for me!
I'm just happy there was no perfume in it.
If you want to sign up to Glymm, go HERE
There are 4 options:
Monthly subscription (cancel at anytime - which is what I have)
6 month subscription
1 year subscription
Gift subscription - 3-6-9-12 months is a world leading beauty and cosmetics website dedicated to making your life more beautiful.  For $12/month, you can order a Glymm Box containing a carefully curated selection of 4-5 deluxe beauty samples delivered directly to your door.  Order your Glymm Box today!

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  1. excellent review... I may join this sometime in the future :) lol


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