Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Time

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!
Yep. I'm a little behind.
What can I say? Life has been busy.
Some updates...
Baby - Almost 31 weeks
Baby H has been going through some growth spurts lately.
He likes to kick my ribs and nestle under there.
It's very odd when I feel like I'm going to squish him when I sit down!
I've had some cramps off and on for a couple of days but I'm assuming it's growth spurts.
I've had a couple other new symptoms but that's for That Just Happened Thursday!
I'm afraid to step on the scale so I'm going to wait until my Jan 3rd appointment.
It's not my fault the baby wanted chocolate and turkey over the holidays.
Speaking of turkey. My brother made the best dinners I've had in years. 
Ham dinner on Christmas Eve and Turkey dinner on Christmas Day.
So. Delicious.
Best scalloped potatoes ever. Yum.
Family & Christmas
This Christmas was one of my favorites so far.
It's nice having family around for Christmas.
This was the first Christmas my mother, brother, and I have shared since I was a kid.

My niece was completely happy with her gifts. Ok.. happy doesn't describe it.
We got her a Justin Bieber pillow case and blanket.
Two words: Bieber Fever. 
Need I say more?
My nephew loved his Beyblade arena.
My littlest nephew loved his Jake and some Pirate thingy bathtub boat.
I love watching kids open their presents!
My Christmas
I also love receiving presents.
This year's best gift goes to...
My loving and amazing hubby for THIS!!
I'm in love!
So much fun.
As you can tell from the picture, we did some cooking.
We made homemade pizza and lasagna from one of my favorite apps - All Recipes!
What a great Christmas.
Now onto the New Year!

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