Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekend Recap!

I entered a contest on a blog I follow for a premade blog design (I oh so need it) *cough*PICK ME*cough* I think it would be a great way to boost my blog!

I found the contest on Living in Yellow which is one of my favorite blogs out there. You can find the contest here

Melissa Rose Design offers some really great blog templates and add-ons. You can find her stuff here

Anyways, moving on....
On my way home from work, I noticed my odometer and for some reason felt the need to take a picture of it. I mean, how often do you notice this stuff?

We got our new furniture delivered! YAY!
This might not seem like a big deal but looking for a table that both my husband and I like has been a two year process. Same with the couches.
Plus we couldn't pass up no tax, free delivery, and a REALLY good price!
The couches are awesome because the end units are gliders as well as recliners... which make me a very happy pregnant lady :)
With the middle down and Cosmo posing
There is a leaf in the middle for a 6 person table :) We use the extra 3 chairs at the breakfast bar.
Random cuteness for the day
Cosmo guarding my niece's Girl Guide cookies
Comet being... well... comet..  

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