Sunday, October 14, 2012

20 Weeks!!!

I made it half way.
That went by sooo fast
I remember when I was 4 weeks
Yes I found out the earliest possible
Reality is starting to set in
...don't panic
I need some ice cream

Ok, so 20 weeks has given me a lot of change.
AMAZING boobage, long nails, stupid heartburn, and a whole lot of belly! That and I don't enjoy weekends anymore because a good nights sleep is gone.. see ya later.. bye bye.

Last night was the first time I could feel Baby H move with my hands on my belly! How exciting and completely weird at the same time. What an amazing experience.

Sorry peeps.. I'm not one of those people who looks stunning without make up on.. this is what you get because I'm tired and I just took a shower. Love my hubby's PJ pants? They are mine now.

 I just like this one.

Tomorrow is another big day..

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