Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween and a baby skeleton?

I am so happy I found make it and love it. It was the perfect costume for this year.
Plain t-shirt from Wal-Mart (in the men’s department of all places)
Fabric paint
Freezer paper 
Paint brush (had one)
Xacto knifePen

How to:

1. Cut a piece of the freezer paper to the size I wanted for the shirt.
2. I had to freehand the ribs and baby skeleton on the freezer paper because the website didn't offer a stencil.
3. Used a cutting board and carefully cut out the stencil using the Xacto knife.
4. Placed the cut freezer paper on the shirt where I wanted it, shiny side against the fabric, and ironed it (without steam) so the paper stuck to the shirt.
5. Put a piece of cardboard in between the shirt so the paint didn’t soak through onto the other side.
6. Blotted the paint with the paintbrush carefully, covering all areas. Did 2 more coats.
7. Dried overnight.
8. Carefully pealed off the freezer paper.
9. Put a piece of fabric over it and ironed again to seal the paint... (again no steam)
And voila!


  1. You did a fantastic job! I was shocked to see that you freehanded this. You'll be a busy bee when it comes time to make your kiddo's costumes :)
    Mommy in training! Love it <3

  2. This turned out awesome. You have made me want to try it for Christmas for Pajama shirts for the family. :)


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