Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Feeling a bit creative

I seen THIS pin on Pinterest and HAD to make it.

My mission for the rest of the year is to better organize my life.
You know the saying, "a cluttered house is a cluttered mind"? Well, I think a tornado went through our house... and my mind. Sure I'm exagerating but I hate spending hours trying to find something that should be right in front of my face.
I do have to admit that my mother tried her hardest to teach me how to be neat and tidy but piling everything into the closest and throwing a blanket on it (thus creating a chair, smart eh?) was more fun and way easier... :)

My first organizational project:

1. Make Up

I decided to go for the inexpensive route for now. I plan on decorating it... eventually.

  • I went through all my makeup, brushes, etc and threw out the old stuff I never use
  • Bought a decent looking magnetic white board
  • Bought sticky magnetic tape (note: buy heavy duty magnets for heavier objects)
  • Then I stuck magets to back of my make up and holders
Voila.. Make up board that can be hung up.
Now my make up doesn't get thrown into a drawer.

The orange case is my GLYMM bag.
The can is the cover to my Jean Paul Gaultier perfume

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